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Royal Dutch Shell: Dirtiest oil company in the world (g1a2d0032c1)
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Image watchingfrogsboil
ROYAL DUTCH Shell Oil Company in dirty MONDEMondial Revolution 1: American Revolution 2: Day 32: Communication 1The IronBoltBruce of Kleptocracy Chronicles: 18 Oct 2011 (g1a2d0032c1) Part 1 of 3: Connections to the American Legislative Exchange Council “[aka Royal Dutch Shell PLC Shell Oil Company aka] Shell unsociété member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) as des2011. G. Edward Pickle, Business government lawyer oil company, Shell representatives of the Task Force Celaétait is the ALEC Civil Justice., a “President” level sponsor of the American Legislative Exchange Council Annual 2011Conférence, which was in 2010-000 Shell. égalementparrainé a plenary speeches August 4, 2011, Alec “scholars” Arthur B. Laffer and Stephen Moore … ALEC is not a lobby, it estpas a group before. It is much more powerful than that. Through ALEC, behind closed doors, corporations hand legislators changes they want audroit that directly benefit their bottom line. Avecles lawmakers company of Alec. companies are sitting tousneuf working Alec and vote with legislators to “model” bills to approve. they have their own board of Business Administration who meet together to leconseil with the legislative process. (Alec says that the company does not have a voice on the board.) They fund almost all of Alec’s operations. Participating legislators, Republicans largely conservative , then bring those proposals to house in statehouses across the land as their own ideas brillanteset important political innovation etintroduire -. quesociétés made without disclosure and voted on the bills ALEC boasts that more of these de1.000 bills introduced by legislative members every year, with a copy to five of them enacted legislation. unOrganisation ALEC describes itself as a “unique,” “unparalleled” and “unprecedented.” This is perhaps raison.C It is as if a parliament had been dissolved, but the company dûpoussé people the door. Learn more Part 2 of 3: The oil spill in the World Forgot” Since the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues manchettespartout dominate public outrage focused world more intently at etsa gaffe-prone BP chief executive Tony Hayward. But in the midst of this crisis, the public devraitne not forget the atrocities committed by other massive oil companies. PourAinsi were drilling by Royal Dutch Shell oil spill Inthe Niger Delta in Nigeria. because Nigeria is since 1958 a pauvrenation and oil revenues fund most government operations have andother Shell companies have been able to break down and pollute without grave surveillance all these years. estimated 13 million barrels depétrole joined the Delta, the more difficult for life the poor people in the region makes. shell blames the continued leaking attaquesde “rebels” who are actually ethnic minorities, sententété exploited and displaced by foreign oil companies. jamaisenvisager But Shell would withdraw from the area or find ways to avoid conflicts the ethniques . Instead Au Shell has conducted business as usual and a record14.000 tonnes of oil spilled into the delta last year [2009]. “ / news/2010/06/9164 / black tide Lost World Part 3 of 3: Big Dirty Secret Shell: Overview more carbon-intensive in the “oil monde compagnie This new rate research of carbon intensity of peak oil, international compagnies revealed that Shell now the oil carbon intensiveentreprise in the world in terms of the total funds. documenteL’investissement This report record of Shell in the form of dirty energy and it lights lesstratégie of business and lobbying for legislation that he deprofit the intent of this position for a long time, our main findings are to be reported as follows:. * Shell holds more carbon resources, a barrel of oil aveniréquivalent. than any other major international oil company Shell estdonc more carbon intensive oil company in the world, called * The average carbon per barrel of oil and gas Shell produitest intensity increase dramatically, from 85 percent in the current number; * This increase was due to the decision by Shell in the oil sands is caused dépendancesur its liquefied natural gas (LNG) and continuous flaring of gas in Nigeria * Shell continues to increase investment in the oil sands and shale appuyantsur the dirtiest establish itself as a leader in lel’industrie technologies * Shell stopped investing in renewable energy with the exception of biofuels, which raises a whole new set of environmental problems; * Internal documents in the discovery process Wiwa v. receive Shellrévèlent that although Shell gas flaring could have s finished in the early 90s, “said he decided that it was not profitable; * Shell continues to flare gas in Nigeria at a level that after sonpropres numbers are 12% lower than in 1999, leréductions after accounting for disorders of the community * Because of the above, Shell is prone carboneet for pricing are subject to a greater risk of carbon peers. * Therefore, Shell leads lobbying industry in Washington, Brussels and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change àaffaiblir and neutralize the laws and regulations in the fight against climate change. “ Image partners: Related gvideo: = 2in7L0VFsrM # # # fainting ÉLECTIONSNos Kleptocracy-controlled media focuses on the election of two years Amériquecycles as if who wins or loses was a matter of life or death, when in fact, even at the Presidential level it makes no more difference than who surMonday Night Football, American Idol wins are held primarily on the Sheepleillusion control Dancing with the Stars, or Hillbilly Hand Fishing. U.S. elections, such that (a) can support their frustrations and dépenserLeur energy, emotions and resources or attack the puppet Surla left or the puppet on the right side , and consequently (b) jamaisreconnaître and challenge the omnipotent Puppetmaster commun.Il there was no real change in 2008. There was no real change in 2010. IlSera real change in 2012, but it is not of tele-washing cerveaupatates sofa come, manipulated voter lists, rigged voting machines ouprédéterminé told. He will come to us … The 99 Percent # # # I am not anonymous. I’ma Américain.Je ‘m not just a consumer. I’ma no longer citoyen.Je labeled left or right, liberal or conservative, or demo Publican republocrat.Je no longer be followed Puppets labeled Left or Right, Liberal ouConservateur, demo Publican or republocrat.Je’m popular. And I get to Puppetmasters.Je am part of the 99 percent. And I ask the following steps: 1 …. End Fed.2 reversal citizens United.3 Repeal the Patriot Act.4 Expose 11:09 End Truth.5 profit Wars.6 refund trillion for contribuables.7 … imprison kleptocrates.8 Limits terme.Or one, if these demands are not addressed promptly: 1 … regime change “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible violenteinévitable revolution. “- John F. speak KennedyPas talking heads on Comcast / GE NBC / CNBC / MSNBC for us We welcome Pate Murdoch’s Faux News speak for us speak No talking heads at the Kleptocracy that conform News Network speak for us (CNN..) (no matter how dull, deliberate or subtle their delivery). No talking heads in the media lamestreamles speak for us, that’s all. And not all of 537achetés and paid for Kleptocracy puppets in Washington! Puppets both, for sale their votes, no character or wisdom “, DC will be our legions of unemployed # # # LABELS (A Poem PROTEST)” bientôtrejoindre Democrat “,” Republican “, the parties of the system. Liberal “,” Conservative “, for change or status quo? Choose one or the other, the change is none, all charlatans and putains.Far” Left “we place the Anarchists, Libertarians claim far” Right denounce “However, both the government : False continuum set lumière.Pour oil, “We” bomb their mud huts, strip naked and offer “help”, and its punishment as fauxPrétexte – a false flag levé.Non milliersPar weapons armed killed hundreds of “defense” When the rights for of “freedom”, lost in the result, while dépend.Avec stroke of the pen, the “Patriot” Act and patriotic gifts are made, then “Citizens United” laisseNos abandonnés.Nous citizens protesting against the loss of freedoms, “World Wide Web” to Put use; Cloudmark Authority censeursPour we “abuse” They call us messaging finger shows with them labels, “They” deride us your labels keep us all at bay, for labels, “They” we diviser.IronBoltBruce # # # join. the GLOBAL Revolution Occupy Wall Street: / global revolution / Occupy DC: / Occupy LA: / owslosangeles Occupy Together: / Check out this video: / kleptocracytutorial = sChGo9OP-WA Take this oath: # # # PLEASE HELP U.S. to stay in this fight … Freedom is not Free Rebellion needs resources, folks: Your donations will be good nécessaireles used to pay our living and operating expenses so that we, all of our time and attention to informing people etl’exposition of kleptocracy devote puissionscontinuer pulling all strings left and right Any amount is appreciated save vouspeut Show your support here:.. / donate / ironboltbruce

“We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great public.” ~ AESOP.
foreign exchange rates

image of eyewashdesign A. Gold
New Yorkers protest against the US0 billion (U.S. TRILLION) Wall Street bailout Wall Street, New York – 25 September 2008Phototgrapher: a gold-drop design – c. 2008.Sur speak at this BAILOUT protest, a Native American associate mentioned to me that somewhere near the location of the New York Stock Exchange – on Wall Street – the site of a bloody battle between the tribes was Indigenous and American invaders. I thought it was quite deep and rather appropriate, considering, well, everything! After some research I have not found that this place was the exact location, but discovered the following information from the “Sankofa” —> Burial Ground National Monument africainInscription. [On the marker is the Adinkra symbol "Sankofa," a symbol of the importance of learning from the past] “For all those who were lost, For all those who were stolen, for all those who remained Account For those who do not have forgotten. “* Built 2007 by the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior. * Location. 40 ° 42.864 ‘N, 74 ° 0.267′ W. Marker is in New York City, New York, County of New York. Mark on Federal Plaza / Duane Street 0.04 miles west of African Burial Ground Way / Elk Street, on the right side when eastwards. Click to see the map. Marker inscriptions are part of the African Burial Ground memory designed by Rodney Leon and are accessible at the eastern terrain Ted Weiss Federal Building (290 Broadway) off Federal Plaza / Duane Street for pedestrians. Marker is in this post office area: New York NY 10007, United States of America Other markers in the vicinity .. At least 8 other markers are within walking distance of this marker. Richard Montgomery (approx. 0.3 miles away); remains of Maj. Gen. Richard Montgomery (approx. 0.3 miles away), the Chapel of St. Paul (about 0.3 miles away), 100 Year Old Sycamore (approx. 0.3 miles away) and Chinese-Americans (about 0.3 miles away), Lin Ze Xu (approx. 0.3 miles away) men who died during their confinement in the city (about 0.6 miles away). Ohio Company of Associates (approx. 0.6 miles away) If anyone has any information about the battle that my colleague spoke, I’d love to hear about it. In the meantime, I might just have friends, The richest 400 Americans again – That’s right, just four hundred people – more than the combined bottom 150 million Americans own! 400 of the wealthiest Americans have more of the hidden half away across the country! Their combined net worth is $ 0.6 billion €. Bush the same amount they demanding We give them Why not just spend the money they have under security – in the eight years of the Bush Administration, their wealth has increased by nearly 0000000000 “Plan were saved.”? You still have nearly a trillion dollars left over to spread amongst them of course, they will not do it – at least not voluntarily. George W. Bush was handed a 7 billion surplus when Bill Clinton left office. Because money was our money and not his, he did what the rich prefer to do – go and never look back. Now we have a .5 trillion debt that is seven generations to recover from. Why – on – earth – is – our – “representatives” – give – it – robber – barons – $ US850 billion – of – OUR – money suggested last week, my own bailout. My following suggestions were on the singular and simple belief that the rich must pull themselves up by their own platinum-based. Sorry guys, but you drilled once too often in our minds: There are … a … no … FREE … LUNCH ~ period! And thank you for encouraging us to hate people on welfare! There would be no U.S. help YOU been! Last Friday, after voting against this bailout, in an unprecedented series of events, the House flip-flop their vote “NO” and said, “Yes” in a hi-tech version of a “plan bailout” bill vote. Despite the overwhelming opposition of the people of this bailout bill … DESPITE million calls from people FAILURE telephone lines from Washington “representative” … Despite our CRASHING sites POLITICIANS … Despite hundreds of thousands of protesters across the country … They agreed to the rescue! People first succeeded on Monday in the house, but did not do it with the Senate and then THE HOUSE TURNED U.S. TOO! However, it is clear, we simply can not continue without protest offers exactly what we think these idiots should / ‘ve do / a Sun, after consultation with a number of people smarter than Phil Gramm, here’s the proposal, now known as “The bailout of Mike.” (From the bailout of Michael Moore) It has 10 simple, straightforward points you are what you do not, but should have: .. 1 appointing a Special Representative prosecutor to a criminal charge Wall Street knowingly contributed to the collapse. Before any new money was spent, Congress should be required to have by resolution, prosecuted who has something to do with the attempted sacking of our economy. This means that whoever insider trading, securities fraud or any action that helped bring about this collapse should have committed and MUST should call for a special prosecutor to jail Congress who would vigorously by all the world, the chaos, and someone attempted fraud to the public in the future. has created (I like Elliot Spitzer ~ so, he played a little hanky-panky … Wall Street hates him and it’s a good thing.) 2 Wealthy must pay their own bailout! You may have to live in 5 houses instead of 7th You may have to drive 9 cars instead of 13th Leaders of their mini terrier can be reassigned. But there is no way in hell, after forcing family incomes to go more than 000 dollars during the Bush years, the workers and the middle class should pay a dime to sign the next purchase they yacht.Si really need to 0000000000 they say they are needed, here is an easy way they could have raised the question: a) Every couple makeing over a million dollars a year and each taxpayer earn more than 0000 per year should be a surcharge of 10% for five years to pay . (It’s the Senator Sanders plan. It’s like Colonel Sanders, only he is to fry the right chickens.) This means that the rich pay less and less tax than when Carter was president. This would increase overall 0000000000.b) Like nearly every other democracy, they would have charged a 0.25% tax on every stock transaction. This would have been levied in a an.c 0000000000) Because every stockholder is a patriotic American, stockholders have the dividends waived check for one quarter and instead this money would have gone the treasury to help pay for the bullsh * t sauvetage.d ) 25% of major U.S. corporations currently pay no income tax. Recipes federal tax on the amount currently at 1.7% of GDP, compared with 5% in 1950. If we increase the rate of return after tax corporate income levels of the 1950s, this would give us an additional 0000000000.Tout this combined enough, had to stop the disaster should be. Wealthy have learned to keep their homes and their servants and our United States government (“Country”) was left a little, some roads, bridges and schools … 3 repair. You should save the people losing their homes, not people who will build a house EIGHTH! there are 1.3 million households in foreclosure show. This is what is at the core of the problem. So instead of giving money to the banks as a gift, they should have paid down each of these mortgages into to 0000. they have forced the banks to renegotiate the mortgage so the homeowner could pay on its current value. To ensure that the aid would not go to speculators and those who have tried to make money by flipping houses, the bailout was only for primary residences of people. And in return for the 0K pay the existing mortgage, the government would have to take the holding of the mortgage so it could be some of his money. Thus, the total initial cost of fixing the mortgage crisis at its roots is (instead of the greedy lenders) 0000000000, we do not dollars.Et 0 billion to set the record right. People who defaulted on their mortgages are not “bad risks.” They are our fellow Americans, and all they wanted was what we all: a house, but during the Bush years, millions of people have lost decent paying jobs they previously SIX MILLION fell into poverty seven million lost their health insurance and everyone ..! they saw their real wages go down 000! Who look down on these Americans who was a bad break after another car hit should be ashamed.! We are a safer better, stronger company and. happier when all of our citizens can afford to live in a home they propriétaires.4 It would have provided that, if your bank or a company from our money in a “bailout” GET Then we have. Sorry, this is how it is done. If the bank gives me money so I can buy a house, the bank “owns” that house until I returned everything to me – to do with interest rates even for Wall Street, what money to keep you afloat, if our government considers you a safe risk must – .. and necessary for the good of the country – then you can get a loan but we need you. By default, when you sell. Thus, the Swedish government and did fonctionné.5 it. all provisions HAVE to be restored. THE Reagan revolution is dead This catastrophe happened because we have ourselves the fox the keys to the henhouse. In 1999, Phil Gramm a bill governed by all the rules, that Wall Street and our banking system wrote remove. Bill Clinton. Here is signed Sen.Phil grams, chief economic adviser McCain, at the signing of the law said: “In the 1930s … it was believed that government was the answer It was believed that stability and growth of the government replaced the functioning freely. markets came. “We are here today to repeal [that] because we have learned that government is not the solution. We have learned that freedom and competition are the answers. We have learned that we promote economic growth and we promote stability by. Competition and freedom “I am proud to be here because this is an important bill is a bill deregulation. I think this is the way of the future, and I am awfully proud to have it as part of a reality.” To put this into to avoid future, this law would be lifted! Bill Clinton could have helped by efforts to abolish the recovery of grams and more stringent regulations regarding our financial institutions. And when they are done with him, they should have the regulations for the airlines, the inspection of our food, the oil industry, OSHA, and every other person who restored affects our daily lives. All oversight provisions for any “bailout” should be started to have attached to them and criminal penalties for contrevenants.6. If it is too big to fail, it means that it is TOO BIG TO EXIST! so that the creation of these mega-mergers and not true for the monopoly and anti-trust laws has a number of financial institutions and corporations are allowed, is so large means that the very thought of their collapse even greater collapse of the entire economy. Not one or two companies should never get this kind of power, the so-called “economic Pearl Harbor” can not happen when you have hundreds – thousands -. Institutions where people have their money when we have a dozen auto manufacturers, if one goes belly-up, we will not face a national disaster! If we have three separately-owned daily newspapers in your town, then one media company, do not call all the shots (I know … What am I thinking? Anyone who reads a paper? Sure glad all those mergers and acquisitions has oppress us with a strong and on “FREE”). Have enacted laws to prevent companies is so large and dominant that with one slingshot to the eye, the giant falls and dies. And no institution should be allowed to set up money schemes that no one understands. If you can not explain it in two sentences, you do not 7 should refrain from any money! Wedge should never be more than 40 times their average worker is paid executive should NOT any kind of “parachute” other than wages received, he poured very generously while working for the company. In 1980, the average American CEO 45 times what their employees made. In 2003, they served 254 times more than their employees. After 8 years of Bush, they are now over 400 times what their average employee makes. How have we allowed this to happen in companies owned by the state is beyond reason. In Britain, the average CEO makes 28 times more their average employee makes. In Japan, it’s only 17 times! Finally, the CEO of Toyota was living the high life in Tokyo. How is it on so little money? Seriously, this is a scandal we have the mess we leave the people at the top become bloated incredibly million euros. This has to stop! Not only should the executive who receives help out of this mess but benefit from a leader who was responsible for the management of the company into the ground should be fired before the company will not receive any aide.8. Congress should have strengthened the FDIC and made a model of protection not only popular savings, but also their pensions and their homes. Obama was correct to propose expanding FDIC protection of the people in their banks to 0,000 the savings. But the same type of insurance must be given to our government never worry about whether it is the money aside for their old age, it would be strict government oversight of companies who manage their employees meant -. or maybe it means that companies have been forced to put these funds and their management to the government? private pension funds, people need to be protected, but it may be time to consider not having retirement invested in the casino known as the stock market? Our government should have a solemn duty to ensure that any person who has in this country at the age worry about becoming indigents.9. EVERYONE to take a deep breath, calm down, and not let FEAR rule required the day. Turn your TV! We are not in the Second Great Depression. The sky is not falling, Chicken Little! Experts and politicians have lied to us so fast and furious, it is difficult not to be affected by each of the alarmist. Even I wrote to and repeated what I heard on the news last week, that the Dow had the biggest decline of day in its history. Well, that was true in terms of points, but the 7% drop came nowhere close to Black Monday in 1987 when the stock market in one day lost 23% of its value. In the 80s, 3,000 banks closed, but America out of business. These institutions have always had their ups and downs and eventually it works. must be because the rich do not like to be disturbed their wealth! they have every reason to calm things down and back into their Jacuzzis before that if they can slip into her son thumb millions drift a peaceful, Vodka tonic and Ambien sleeping induite.Aussi crazy as things are now, tens of thousands of people a car loan last week. Thousands went to the bank and got a mortgage to buy a house. only students back to college found banks more than happy to put them into hock for the next 15 years with a student loan. I even for a USK personal loan was approved. Yes, life has gone with little or no change (except for the huge unemployment rate of 6.1%, but it happened last month). No one person has his / her money in the bank, or a treasury note, or lost CD. And perhaps the most surprising thing that the American public does not ultimately bought fear campaign. Citizens do not blink at a place called the Congress to take that bailout and shove it. Which was fantastic. Why did not the population succumb to the fright-filled warnings from their president and his cronies? Well, you can not say ‘Saddam has the bomb’ so many times before the people realize you’re a lying sack of shit. After eight long years, the nation is worn out and simply can not. World is sick and I blame pas .10. they created a national bank, a “people’s bank.” Since they are really itching to get up to one trillion U.S. dollars, rather than to a few rich people, why do not we, us? Now, since we have Freddie and Fannie, why not set a bank of people? One that loans at low interest rates can be used for all kinds of people who want to own a home, start a small business, go to school, come up with a cure for cancer or create the next great invention and now we have AIG -.’s biggest insurance company in the country -.! Take the Next and provide Medicare for all health insurance for all Stage It saves us so much money in the long run (not to mention bring peace at all). U.S. and No. 12 on the list of life expectancy, because we will be able to have a longer lifespan, enjoying our government-protected pension and live to see the day when the corporate criminals who caused this much misery are let out of prison so that We can help re-acclimate to the old, ordinary civilian life – a life with ONE nice home and a car without gas using the bank populaire.PS invented Call your Senators NOW —>! since they voted against the adoption of the extension of unemployment benefits and skipped the “campaign” to us to be re-elected … call them and tell them you are for the other “guy” vote if they do not act together! ————– ————————————— UPDATE: The people voted in a historic moment: 4 November 2008 ——> The historical choice <------ "A work in progress! "November 4 2008.Un great American leader said:" When we can each finger easily broken but together we make a mighty fist .. "These words were spoken, a minority leader. He was the venerable Chief Sitting Bull No, Barack Obama is not the first American minority to speak eloquently and he will certainly not be the last. Though in the end, this election was not even close! The world watched as the "Yes we can!" in "Yes, we have!" For now it is open "YES WE MUST!" the time is now What we do with this moment, US- . transformed, open America now has a man elected with a background of partial African -. American descent as President elect a new leader with roots from Kenya to Kansas (with a step-father from Indonesia), works together with the Anglo-European roots Vice President. This is something in which citizens of all races -. herein and throughout the world "-? Why talk about race resoundingly welcomed The race is Important!. Bet because - like it or not - race dominated and governed Our daily lives for thousands of years, after all: "To know where we are going, we must know where we came first." We have come a long way baby! What was once "acceptable" in 1965 is no longer in 2008 and is a heureusement.Il guard. Especially since forty percent of the American population are considered a "minority." Only four generations removed, the repression of African slaves by Anglo Saxons caused hundreds of thousands of brothers brothers in a viscous and bloody battle that changed the fundamental principles of the constitutional republic kill rhetoric to reality. There was also a significant change in the garde.Pour the first time in the history of the country, the ancestors of these people who so passionately fought for slavery have a minority overwhelmingly elected to the leader. This also opens a new chapter in the history of the United States. This is a tremendous nod to those great American leaders before Us who risked everything so that we are at this moment in time. We must give thanks to these men and women imbued, both tirelessly and generously of their lives to cross and to help break down racial barriers, sexual, and social history of the United States of America. It has now occurred, it is a noticeable renewed sense of hope for a better future -. Hope that these same crippling boundaries shall finally once and for all deleted Nevertheless, it is wise to also remember the adage, "Actions. Speak louder than words" and our words must now be put into action. The ability to truly rise above differences and to not just talk, says a lot of our long and continuous journey. If we the old saying that North American Indian, remember "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children" We can only have a chance battre.Les people. spoken! A record 130 million Americans went to the polls in Tuesday's election, in which Barack Obama made history a Democratic tidal wave of victory. Polling suggests voters came in record numbers because of growing concerns about the economy, employment, health care, energy, and the war in Irak.De the Obama administration and the new Democratic majority in Washington apparently have a chance to profound changes in our make life - . to Yes, this moment shows decency about human possibility from Wall Street to Main Street and let's be honest, we could use a little decorum in moment.Peut is perhaps even more important to use this moment speaks volumes as it is a total rejection of the policy of the law on fear and greed It will take decades, until now there's another Republican majority in Congress never words. "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country," seemed more for all. Because we-are-our-country. And we are at a major crossroads. Where, oh, where do I start? Obama / Biden campagne.Ici in New York, Working Families voters, members, affiliates, supporters and chapter leaders poured everything they had into critical campaigns that proved successful. Many are now understandably exhausted - but more than a little proud of what was achieved. And the results were very good ~ if not downright Historic. For the first time since mid-1930, the Senate will no longer be controlled by the Republicans. It is now functioning in the hands of the majority of families democratic! Just-take-one-moment-and-soak-this-in. Massive Democratic majorities in the House and the Senate! Together, the WFP built a solid partnership with Senate Democrats, knocking on more than half a million doors for progressive change. And in the end, "We the People" overwhelmingly responded. This is an important step. There is now a renewed resonance HOPE Washington real sense, yes, all over the world. This is powerful. Without hope, there is simply nothing to gagner.Cependant, we must be careful not to fall prey to disillusionment. If illusions tear people apart, then disillusion outright kills the human spirit. From other words, they divided to conquer, united we stand. At this historic moment month was ushered in during Native American Indian goes. For we must not forget the real foundations of this idealistic country and pay homage to the struggle of more than 500 years of our first peoples basic rights they. Within our own Constitution Obama's victory is indeed a victory representing the people. Precisely because his success mirrors the masses, rather than a few wealthy, power-elite that this is so electrifying a very tangible. "Finally!" If the term "monitored around the world.The world Wednesday with a very real possibility of rare opportunity -., The best in most of our lives This is a chance to truly transform Amérique.Mais, we must not forget the hard realities existing in this country. ... Ask a woman a "person of color" ... or First Nations people in this "great" land. because as long as Indians still live in our country in the whole policy of containment without the basics, such as running water, electricity, or heat ... as long as more than 75% of prison inmates are African-Americans, First and Taino Peoples ... What's next, so that our tax dollars to three times more for each of these prisoners per head than on the education of their own children used in the school ... as long as American women less than men for the same work still earn ... As long as we allow private companies exist, as we continue to allow extreme without major reform ... that our children go to foreign soil to kill and to be killed in "Our" names ... as we sit idle or content to let others to "do the right thing" for us ... as long as we do not actively participate together to demand and fight for our own well-being for the sake of future generations ... How we choose to remain ignorant and in denial of our mistakes ... real change can happen and does jamais.Bien that, as with all rare and unique, We must first take proper time to honor ... thanks to those who give these possible moment before us who, without their dedication and sacrifice made. We must unite. Immediate formulation and a real plan to protect and safeguard the necessary in this moment with fierce determination. New leaders are needed and created so that we moments like this become the norm, rather than provide a mere coincidence token. As we from the results of a real break on Tuesday want to turn shipwreck of the most immediate last thirty years - must start by realizing this election represents just that - a beginning is Round One of Our long struggle and continue.Et Round Two will be just as difficult, if not stay the course easily forgotten.. when people from inadequate health care, die when they are on the streets found for lack of protection and as they grow ever more desperate due to lack of opportunities of employment. ask people of Native or African American descent. Yet a not rhetoric - - our homeless veterans living on the streets of America's abundance Yes, the house of cards fell hard and fast And, President / VP Barack Obama and Joe Biden many seemingly insurmountable challenges inherited REAL CHANGE...'s what required 's. And to get it, we need to ask. We should go and guard dogs for the benefit of future generations. Communicating with our politicians is a must. More importantly, we must stand together and be ready to fight to protect what is right and what is good for the majority, not only uns.United We Stand, divided we tombons.Un Obama must be supported and pressed simultaneously. His training as a community organizer gives one confidence that he will not only understand, but also expect that this momentum., it is imperative for us to spread the true spirit, "Follow the money" strategy. Remember, President-elect Barack Obama twice in history with the most unprecedented amount of dollars campaign in the . history of U.S. presidential elections According to CNN, would, if annualized, advertising spending of the Obama campaign in the post-primary Presidential campaign US0 million This amount is only exceeded by large companies such as Verizon and AT & T -. both heavy sponsors of the Republican Congress and the National Party démocrate.Au beginning of October, the Democratic National Committee announced it raised US.9 million with US.5 million sitting on the bench. kept the party raised money through joint fund-raising events with Obama and was able to use this money to support his candidacy. these numbers were only possible because he opted out of public financing for the fall campaign. John McCain opted into the system, which limited him to U.S. million haul in September / October before the election to participate. According initially promised to accept public financing if McCain did, changed his mind after Obama Records for collecting primary means. Indeed, take the time of the primaries, Obama was raised as U.S. million each day. The Obama / Biden campaign raised more than US0 million in September alone - a stunning and unprecedented eruption of political donations This is extraordinary fund-raising is bound to set a new standard in politics that could the system of Doom current taxpayers in 1970.. J founded hope that paid non.Les party presidential candidates - Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain -., and spent more than U.S. billion, also an unprecedented figure According to the White House for Sale, a nonpartisan group that follows provide policy, had Obama 605 bundlers, or donors who collect money from friends and acquaintances and group home. Four years ago, Democrat John F. Kerry had 588 bundlers and, in 2000, Al Gore had none. McCain had 851 bundlers working for his campaign against 557, the money for the Committee increased the re-election of Bush-Cheney in 2004, George W. Bush is largely credited with institutionalizing the role of bundlers in 2000, when he recruited unprecedented 555 fundraising substitution.Demandez you. Who benefits most of really using the donated Obama / Biden campaign President - Barack Obama and John U.S. presidential election campaign fund data McCain: Obama: Total: US0, 767963Fardeleuses: 605LobbyistBundlers: 17 McCain: Total: US2, 525.058 Coordinators: 851Fardeleuses lobbyist: 77Voir the Center for Responsive Politics Presidential campaign funds for a better perspective: 2008: Obama and McCain - US.3 BILLION (Obama: US0, 767 to 963 million / McCain: US2, € 525,058,000) in 2004 Bush and Kerry - us.2 MILLIARDS2000, Gore and Bush - US.56 MILLIONS1996, Dole and Clinton - US.82 MILLIONS1992, Clinton and Bush - US.24 * to search MILLION FOR MEGA pizza, click here: / searchDonor.cfm? CandidateSelect … McCain and State Select = & SortOrder = last name, first name, Middle_Name, ending *. Democrats Washington and will be under enormous pressure to “safe side”, even though everyone knows what we need bold action and some kind of new New Deal. And when we dominate the “play-it-safe” crowd, then Obama (and we) can not succeed Make no mistake:. bigwigs and the free market fundamentalists company to see exactly what it is. the battle of life, you want nothing more than for the Democrats to disappoint, because then the hope may be that Barack Obama is filled into the bottle and cynicism can once again its place in our political culture nationale.Nous can not allow to happen! Whether redesigning our health care system … implementing a new policy based on fair trade … creating a sound, realistic and well thought-out immigration plan … jobs programs … organizing the law in Washington, or campaign election reform, family leave or fair taxes, this election has opened the way for a new social contract between the government and the people. these choice a real possibility – small, but real -.., that we are making real progress as a society in terms of equality and freedom and true sustainability In other words, the democracy we preach but do not teach what comes next is up to U.S. . préparer.En And we must seriously short, the real meaning of this election is not décidé.Dans Overall, there is much to do, it is imperative that all play their part -. whether on a neighborhood or union meeting by signing a petition, organizing or conducting a bus to a demonstration, going on a tour of the hall means a financial contribution, or just talking to a stranger about the need and desirability of the property commun.Merci for all you! Drink your values ​​pays.Et your love, remember. Together we can make a difference


What is the best forex trading software?

Posted: 19 Jul 2013 07:17 AM PDT

question in time : What is the best forex trading software
there are more software forex trading as: MT4, ZuluTrade, MT5 … What is the best forex trading software Best Answer:

Reply Richard ZuluTrade
I now use for some time and I think this is a great trading software for traders begginer. Here you will find many free ZuluTrade strategies, then copy them to your account.

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XForex, Marchand-Commercial

Posted: 19 Jul 2013 07:14 AM PDT

client: TVM, Greece.

Beautiful Photos of Online Stock Trading

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Discover these images online trading

Lisa Maree

online stock trading

image of Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Cruise Bar is famous fashion event, wheels shop in MBFWA mouvementCruise bar welcomes Fashion Week … When it comes to cruise-style bar and restaurant, a perfect host is a partner for the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week.Pour the first time in many years, cruise restaurant is open every day of the fashion week for lunch and dîner.Fashion week the first mode of Sydney life events with some of our most talented designers and contemporain.Le beautiful location on the coast of the cruise at Circular Quay Bar is an ideal place to gourmet cuisine decadent wine and cocktails while you enjoy the surrounding culture that is the week the mode.Pour more information, visit the website officiel.Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: business, fashion, beauty, deals and gossip … Sydney will enjoy a variety of parades and party events such as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Australia starts tomorrow. But in contrast to the growing number of fashion festivals across the country, where people can buy tickets for events, is only MBFWA invitation.Aujourd ‘Today is the day of registration of the media that was, was all events except entière.Pendant five days to present their latest collections, the designers of media, celebrities and retail buyers, and the response may be critical to the line happens fond.Cette year to have the return of Mark Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as title sponsor, many commentators in the receive media and fashion. “The close relationship between Mercedes-Benz and fashion in Australia was with the launch of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week started in 1995, so that it’s come full circle,” advised Mercedes-Benz Head of Corporate Events fashion week David McCarthy.Les automaker communication have spread all over the world in places such as New York and Berlin, and swim fashion week Miami.Le sponsorship deal for the Mercedes-Benz was not exactly a secret that in the past year (wine) for five years running Rosemount came to an end. The new agreement is understood to be highly valued at more than three million years ago, but McCarthy says that the details are confidentiels.MBFWA comes with a lot of change. A key feature of the festival organization change is that IMG Fashion have reduced the price of fresh place on the site. A trend in recent years années.Cette be exhibitors retreat, 250 to use to return the tent recently the Overseas Passenger Terminal as a gateway location, 00, part of the Fashion Week show, however, off-site and 00-00 to present the collections of Rocks Pop-Up suites.Deux of the biggest names of the festival, published Josh Goot and Dion Lee, a fortnight before their shows. Designers who have fallen by the wayside in the period before the five-day event, either elected to the upcoming shows overseas (Lee) focus on getting collections focus with the seasons northern hemisphere (Goot) coincide or chose to ignore Fashion Week by the get-go, with Fairfax Media pointed at Alex Perry exemple.Pour Melbourne Business School associate professor of marketing Mark Ritson, with Australian designers provide a “soft” scenario. “On the one hand, we must respect all Australian designer focused on building its reputation abroad,” he said. “We are seriously in Paris and Milan are under-represented.” At the same time, a designer must be careful not to burn bridges brand at home. That is, if Goot and Lee traveled to Europe, they will receive at home in 2013 with open arms. “Fashion Week is a serious matter. Besides Mercedes-Benz, the sponsors who have signed this year include DHL, EYE, HP, Maybelline NY, Redken, Shangri-La Hotel Sydney, Pentax, Keystone Hospitality and Getty Images.Le Government of NSW Destination NSW and Austrade also support the event. Moreover, designers get their recommendations., the Jayson Brunsdon show, for example, is presented and sponsored by Qantas, Woolmark, TRESemme, MAC Cosmetics Bailey.Couture Johanna Johnson and John Myer is the Virgin Australian designer’s collection at the Mercedes-Benz exhibit renowned exhibition, which has already made big names like fashion Herve Leger by Max Azria, Carolina Herrera and Badgley Mischka. “To [Gifts Show] in our first year back was a priority,” McCarthy.Johnson said recently found international success with Hollywood actresses Christina Hendricks and Maya Rudolph wearing her feminine creations on the carpet rouge.Le show will have the same feeling -. glamor, lots of hand-beading and detailed comments, “I had not really considered the how and more focused on overseas expansion this year, “Johnson said.” But we have a lot of comments Australians want to know more now, it is really good to present our line of luxury living room red carpet and ready-to-wear . “She initially signed to show the smallest of the three locations of the parades the box, but had the show tent (larger) than the number of required move they wanted expanded parade.” This is our first show, and we want as good to do as it can be, Oroton Australian giant, “said elle.Accessoires launches his first prêt-à-porter But for the creative director Ana Maria Escobar, the clothes there are accessories show -.. whether handbags, jewelry or shoes” “can be said it.The customers expect” The most important thing when I entered the store, I saw they needed something soft accessories emphasize quality back “of the new range of clothing Oroton.” Function is important for me, “says Escobar.” Thus, the materials. . . It can be a simple singlet, but nicely silk fabric or measurement. There is a tone of heritage. “So Oroton views Fashion Week so important Escobar said there are also” life beyond these 15 minutes on the podium. “For the retailer, it is to remind people of the brand.” We want a conversation little harder on the product we make, “she said.” The Fashion Week gives us the room without screaming. “This year, a large gap in overseas many buyers are present online retailers such as Net-A-Porter, My Wardrobe, Shopbop, Moda Operandi and ASOS. Harvey Nichols department store in Hong Kong Joyce also based buyers présents.L image of retailing in Australia is not particularly strong, and analysts forecast growth IBISWorld local rag trade in the coming year will be flat only 0.5 cent.IBISWorld CEO Karen Dobie said the high Australian dollar is a double-edged sword for retailers can buy as local suppliers abroad a low price, but increasingly competitive tech-savvy margins charged profit.Nouveau MBFWA Dylan Cooper, flowers for a vagabond, Toi et Moi Sydney, for Johnny, Oroton, Watson x Watson, An Ode to No One, Jenny Kee, Aje; Roppa Pemmaraju, bless’d the meek and Nana JudyPas present this year: Dion Lee, Josh Goot, Alex Perry, Arnsdorf, Morrison, Friend of Mine, flannel Karla Spetic; Amant Therese Rawsthorne, Ms. Couture, Rachel Gilbert, Little Joe Woman ( voluntary administration) Nookie, Bernstein &; Thomas, Marnie Skillings, Kate Sylvester, shakuhachi, Bianca donors Dhini, Camilla & Marc, white suede, Yeojin Bae, Lisa Blue; Limedrop, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Alistair Trung, Saint Augustine Academy (the end of last year closed shop) Back to the topic: romance was born, Camilla, Aurelio Costarella, Ksubi, Jayson Brunsdon, AkiraCamilla … Since starting his label eight years ago Camilla Franks continues to worldwide recognition as an Australian designer which is a unique approach to creating colorful, playful and luxurious vie.Son mode has been obtained only ready-to-wear and casual wear designs highly sought after products, the attention of celebrities and fashionistas similar. global fan club Camilla (people like Beyonce Knowles, Miranda Kerr, Kate Hudson, Lily Allen and Gwen Stefani) reached new heights two years ago when the queen of TV, Oprah Winfrey, appears in one of his drawings during their tights ‘down under’ series. has spread, the public and the fashion world and the stocks sold overnight. Camilla is certainly a mark on the mouvement.Alors, how did Camilla Franks one of the fashion designer’s most iconic of Australia be? These iconic brand has come to any Camilla explored his passion for theater. Here, she embraced her inner creativity , beautiful ornate costumes for different characters to design his productions. It was not long before the market Australian Fashion the eye of this imaginative, easy-to-wear designs and Camilla caught catapulted this trip incroyable.Aujourd ‘Today Camilla from the beach and resort developed ready-to-wear clothes that meet all the needs of its customers Mode. Overall, Camilla began weaving in different niches fashion, resulting in a kaleidoscope of high quality writing and extension of an already growing database of clientèle.Plus eight years, Camilla new produces Collections: these include the highly anticipated collection 2011/12 ‘s, Spring, Summer, maze, get the attention of the media and autumn-winter 2012 collection caravanserai, the second winter season Camilla The success of the brand from the philosophy that. Camilla is derived from “all the women look good and feel beautiful, no matter who their age, color, size or origin”, it is also a testament to the popularity of the company and make conscience.Camilla is a brand that women, self-expression, beauty, and celebrates individuality. piece The word “Camilla” is a statement of brilliant color graphics and the rate of the material. This is a celebration of shapes, different styles and trends that reports mondiales.Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia follow preliminary score sheet … Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Australia prior notice line to be adjusted can-upfor Spring / Summer 2012/13 collection sydney, Australia (29 February 2012) Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia is pleased the cult label Ksubi, Camilla favorite star , Zimmermann, Lisa Ho, Toni Maticevski, Aurelio Costarella, Jayson Brunsdon announce Ellery and Carl Kapp is among the line-up of designers present their Spring / Summer 2012/13 Collections at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney on 30 April, the fourth May 2012. “MBFWA is a great opportunity for emerging Australian designers to established designers to connect to their creations not only in places to provide people expect, but in places and spaces that reflect the diversity and dynamics of the Australian fashion scene . The shows, presentations and pitches to show that MBFWA a taste and style that has to keep his place in the world, “says Gavin Allen, General Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Australia / Pacific.A are on the 2012 calendar should romance is born ., the label presents its polished ready-to-wear combination of art and fashion dress in a sophisticated Spring Summer range. Johanna Johnson will also win hype as it hosted an exhibition of the cozy lounge for his debut MBFWA. Mixing Hollywood charm and modern simplicity Johnson last Oscar for his role in dressing starlets éponyme.Marque Australian cult brand is known Oroton also reveal MBFWA show on track for the first time that the brand is so clever to create ready-to-wear women’s clothing and accessories luxury good connu.Rejoindre this incredible breakthrough line of legendary designers Magdalena Velevska, Alice McCall, Lisa Maree, Gary Bigeni, Bec and Bridge, Miss Unkon, Bowie, Kooey Australia, Michael Lo Sordo, Kirrily Johnston and Talulah.Nouveau talent in value for the first time, is Watson x Watson certainly inspire buyers and international media with their collections and offers new “to watch” for our global audience. Watson x Watson focus on luxury and glamor always easy with a relaxed, sexy appeal that has become synonymous australienne with fashion. D other newbies come MBFWA Family: We are beautiful, Aje, Elliot Ward Fear, Roopa Pemmaraju, Flowers for a Vagabond, Suboo, An Ode to No One and Project Runway Australia winner Dylan Cooper and former Johnny the new generation 2012 fashion designer. Design Studio and Raffles emerging talent shows is involved be announced shortly. “We are very pleased with the response from designers and brands excited and we are looking forward to the new spring-summer showcase on in our world-class facilities on site and exchange the city wonderfully unique places from Sydney with our expanded program of shows and presentations, ‘”says Jarrad Clark, director of global production, IMG Fashion. use our global network, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Australia sets new seating, updates of interesting sites and areas unique presentation for our line-up of designers in innovative ways to communicate their artistic vision 2012.Pour for the first time on Australian soil, many designers present their collections through a presentation box known as a studio space. If style is located at MBFW in New York City and adjusted Berlin, the designers Australian designer Dion Lee are now the way they present their collections with this blank canvas. has recently used a kind of space for the presentation of his collection at London Fashion Week and wowed the audience with its use of will re-create light piste.2012 the drama and dedication to his collection without limits and the long awaited return of the tent. synonym international fashion events, the size of the showroom tent on the Sydney Harbour foreshore installed create an incredible billboard for MBFWA and Australian fashion industry visit to our local customers and the main internationaux.Les buyers the opportunity to get up close with collections have Designer during the week on a unique range of designer showrooms on The Rocks Pop-Up Suites with retail space in the historic Rocks precinct, the designers to be able to stay away from their start and runway collections, and meet buyers and media in 1-1 appointments. This is where developers are encouraged to create offers to consumers around the schedule of Fashion Week to find out more create opportunities for our brands participating designers. MBFWA host of influential customers in the world, the media and industry players in the 5-day event, bringing Sydney to the life of the Week Fashion fever. With the support of our official partners and designers of the 2012 season will be a year with outstanding creative energy and raw talent that Australia will be offrir.Commanditaire title Mercedes-Benz proudly supported by government partners Destination NSW and Austrade, Maybelline New York, DHL, HP / Intel Redken 5th Avenue NYC and EYE and media output Getty Images., Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia IMG.Le event is a Spring and Summer 2012/13 collections takes place from April 30 to May 4, 2012, starts press and industry registration March 1 2012.Pour more information please visit our website at mbfashionweek.comSuivez us on Twitter @ MBFWA and the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Facebook sites WebMercedes-Benz Fashion Week (Australia) IMG Worldwide Eva Rinaldi Photography / evarinaldiphotography Eva Rinaldi Photography “http

How can I prepare for my foreign students?

Posted: 19 Jul 2013 03:36 AM PDT

question bright future : How can I prepare for my foreign students
So, I’m a student exchange in Japan in the coming school year, and I’m really nervous! I’m like, super excited, because I will not be the only child at home, but I’m afraid he could not love me. O_O Is that what I need to do to me / home preparing for his arrival Best Answer:

answer XCRunner13
It’s very exciting, congratulations! So, when it comes, it is important to feel it with your family, are trying to learn common phrases in Japanese. Keep in mind that, although the idea of ​​foreign students for them to learn English, because they can be heard study abroad. Give them a few days off, as many of these types of trips are very long and can cause a lot of fatigue. Show them to your community and visit popular places. This is a very exciting and wonderful experience where you can learn a lot about their culture!

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Stock Options Trading Online – How to make 11K 1 months Options Trading

Posted: 19 Jul 2013 03:25 AM PDT you see the video about a concrete example of how money is to see options traders …
Video Rating: 4/5

Beautiful Photos of trading software

Posted: 18 Jul 2013 11:20 PM PDT

Some beautiful pictures

trading software that I have found:

“Baril JG Packer Pretoria Exhibition 1953″
trading software

image of Rob Ketcherside
Requires 3D glasses and red bleu.Un child is in the seat of a piece of equipment Jeffrey Galion machine sits at a trade of mining Pretoria, Sud.Photo Africa through my distant relatives Byron Bird, a mining engineer. Scanned from a Kodachrome transparency stereo image. The 3D image was obtained from scans of the two films with , a great piece of software libre.Les images were damaged by water, creating interesting effects of stress. In this case, both were clear enough to make a 3D image of them. see more of his pictures . Here are some 3D images .

Cam Kit Commercial 2
trading software

Image sarcasm silent
Lenses, books, software, filters

slave trade
trading software

image of Hobo Matt
Part of a much longer Rogers Avenue mural. If one mural in Street View You can see that the automatic face recognition software Google has blurred the faces of almost everyone in the mural featured blurry!

Q & A: good books / references on technical analysis in the forex market?

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problem by rinatots good books / references on technical analysis in the Forex Market
I am a beginner when it comes to technical analysis, and I have to learn it soon, as I do. Bargaining power in the unit of currency in a bank would be very grateful for your help. thank you Best answer:

answer daxxxxxxxxx
Here is a link to a wiki for technical analysis. Here you will find some of the knowledge of technical analysis on the market FX.Le second link you need to find is a lot of academic credentials for the technical analysis of the market FX.Bonne luck

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How to Open Forex Demo Account

Posted: 18 Jul 2013 11:15 PM PDT on the link above to open Forex Demo Account – Log account today and get a bonus of 30%, after the account deposited within 24 hours …
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Input OTA Irvine

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Discover these images online trading

input OTA Irvine
online trading

Image Online Trading Academy

CES 2012 – Panasonic Asphalt 5 Racing Online Battle
online trading

image of Pop Culture Geek
Photo 2012 href = “” taken by Doug KlineSi you are interested in higher resolution versions of my images, please contact me on my profile page.

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