Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1CMS Forex

1CMS Forex

Beautiful photos Mt4

Posted: 29 May 2013 07:22 AM PDT

Check out these pictures


Fiona KaBrown Andy

Image Aida Jones


Image Aida Jones

FX swap: Is it vary from broker to broker?

Posted: 29 May 2013 07:18 AM PDT

request of Pedro P : Swap Forex: Is it vary from broker to broker
I see some sites with different swap rates of various brokers, each broker another swap Best Answer:

answer cactus generic
Yes, it varies from broker to broker and if the broker does not list them on its website that you have no other choice than their

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Alarm Forex Trading Robot Review – Is it a scam?

Posted: 29 May 2013 07:16 AM PDT alarm Forex Trading Robot is on the way in a few days, which is usually a software that v. .. can make

Mike McMahon live a class to teach students

Posted: 29 May 2013 03:20 AM PDT

Some beautiful pictures of negotiation I found:

Mike McMahon, a class to teach students life
Stock trading

Image Online Trading Academy

students live in front of the class in the chat
Stock trading

Image Online Trading Academy

Corey Lane and students
Stock trading

Image Online Trading Academy

Why is the spread in forex trading is high at the end of the weekend?

Posted: 29 May 2013 03:17 AM PDT

problem by KJHaroon Basha : Why is it that in forex trading spread is at the high end of the weekend
Usual diffusion my broker pair EUR / USD 0.5 PIP, but the weekend ends Friday shows nearly 3 pips spread Best answer:.

reply Inspector budget
regular dealers are away for the weekend, have a placeholder (or truncated quotation marks) hope placed there by a dealer that someone in a market in order to erreur.Comme I do not trade forex, I can not be sure that this is a good answer to say. You can ask your broker.

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How to set up Forex Autopilot

Posted: 29 May 2013 03:16 AM PDT

here .. helps a lot, and you will not regret it .. The best, best, the last Forex Autopilot Forex Trading Strategy …

Autopilot System Forex – Forex Profits with mirror to obtain trading system: Mirror Trading System is a unified trading system dev …

Cool pics trading platform

Posted: 28 May 2013 11:16 PM PDT

Some fresh pictures

trading platform:

global platform for new thinking
trading platform

image of itupictures
A conversation that matters … ITU / A.Roska

global platform for new thinking
trading platform

image of itupictures
A conversation that matters … ITU / a.khan

Online currency trading history?

Posted: 28 May 2013 11:15 PM PDT

edition of : The History of Forex Trading Online
Online currency trading history Best Answer:

answer Ced
After 1997, the development of Internet, online exchange margin trading is a popular way for foreign exchange began interbank transactions using online, people in the foreign exchange market through the Internet. History Online Forex Trading involved, breaking the limits, depending on local broker in foreign exchange transactions by individuals and smaller institutional investors involved the conduct of investment to facilitate étranger.Décembre 2000, the United States has the “Futures Modernization Act,” the law requires that all currency traders need (NFA) and the USA (CFTC) Futures Commission gVirt_NP_NN_NNPS __ <__ registered Merchant (FCM) to the daily supervision of institutions in the time do not accept the qualifications or have not been approved by the industry is changing to cease operations . Bill introduced online trading standards for data exchange on foreign margin on the road développement.À Currently, he spent U.S. CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) with merchants (given the time) MGFG FXCM, Gain Capital, CMS Forex

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Tutorial Meta Trader 4 – MT4 – Diário Fx line (1/4)

Posted: 28 May 2013 11:13 PM PDT

tutorial video completo Como instalar e Utilizar a Plataforma Meta Trader 4 – MT4. Para fazer o download da Plataforma, basta acessar o Link https://dire …

Fx beautiful photos

Posted: 28 May 2013 07:20 PM PDT

Some fresh pictures


Yaz & Picasa FX

image of noordinator
Recorded by Eser (mom), not me. I knew that through the FX Picasa 2

FX Sunset

image of skyline photo
Hello, here is a beautiful sunset with my new D700 I have FX mode, this is what it looks like, but I have a DX lens, so I do not know if I do things right. 18mm

Reel FX Logo Planet

image of JaredBrower
I could not stop and applied the technique of “tiny planet” for a picture of Reel FX logo on the outside of the building.

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