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Cool pics Forex Platform

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 06:48 AM PST

Some images

fresh forex platform

Rich crocodile

Funny Money and Cash Currency
Forex platform

Image free-ranging to a crocodile in funny money. This elegant rich corcodile was created for you by friend who work hard and it can be used be free, if you were to link as the original author of this sample conception.Cette photo here First published: / simple-FOREX-Safe Trading Strategy Advisor This image can be used and reused as often as you souhaitez.Monnaie is characterized by the users confidence in the continuity of its value and its ability to serve as a means of exchange. It has social, political, psychological, legal and economic. In difficult times, the loss of trust, a need for foreign currency can survenir.Chaque defined as the currency of a particular currency area (usually a country). It takes the form of deposits of banknotes and coins, as well as the fractional currency. Currencies are exchanged between them in the international monetary system system. Stop, in fact, since 1973, when the parity of the major currencies of the world to defend and de jure according to the agreement of Jamaica in 1976, are the currencies that is not calibrated directly or indirectly by the weight of the precious metal. Their relative values ​​fluctuate in the international foreign exchange market through a system of floating exchange rates or flexible connue.L money is an object in a given country or socio-economic context is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts. The main functions of money distinguished: a medium of exchange, unit of account, store of value and sometimes as a unit payments différés.La money a country’s currency is (banknotes and coins) and it immediately on savings accounts or ‘bank money’ (the balance of payments and savings ). Therefore direct deposits almost always substantially greater than the amount of money. Bank money is intangible and exists only in the form of various bank records. Despite the fact that banks money not tangible and intangible, bank money still performs the basic functions of money (bank money generally accepted as a form of payment.) Money as a means of exchange allows the direct exchange useless. This exchange of money for goods or services. Money is as calculation agent, it can be used to identify units of value, and therefore responsible. So we can say that a liter of milk € 1 -. € 2 a loaf of bread – bread and twice as much as a gallon of milk It is an essential task of the transaction. Money as a store of value can be regarded as interest on the compensation at least equal to inflation. Solution for the risk associated with gold shipments arrived with the first banks primitive function. They held the gold for their clients and give them a change had to exchange a signed paper gold. He helped the owners pay the bills. These changes were much easier and safer than carrying large sacks of gold. This system was based on trust: he is convinced that the Bank to meet its obligations. Practice has shown that as long as the bank’s reputation was not shocked, these bills were often transferred one person to another and that the owner of the road, but rarely turned to the bank to pay to get into gold. This bank drafts developed papier.Les banks know that they are much more titles, paper money, they can spend gold on hand, because only a small part of the gold recovered. Practice has shown that the banks. Up to ten times more paper money than they give gold for cash Spend more, then the risk is more gold than they liquidités.Aujourd also asked ‘Today, paper money is only for activities that are not possible with printed bank capital to be set. But its importance is declining as more and more transactions on the bank électronique.Capital is whether claims payable immediately request from an account holder to the bank. Such measures may be, by means of a transfer from one account to another compte.Aujourd “Today transferred, the vast majority of transactions, especially when you consider the value of transactions, resolved to address bank capital. Indeed, the banks do not need money to pay to be able to insert that quotidiennes.Argent through ATMs for transactions like we have today (own worthless currency) must be approved know or certified by the issuing institution. Currently, the governments that govern by law, what kind of legal tender, but also other institutions such as central banks (ECB) and the houses of the Currency (Ceca), which are listed responsible in the first, regulation and control of monetary policy in an economy to create on the other notes and coins on avoid the demand and the need for money physique.En In summary, we can say that money is a financial asset or liquid is completely neutral, which serves as a platform for improving the exchange of intermediate goods and services, the unreliability of barter, that is, the direct exchange of goods and is considered services.Il that the value of money should be backed by precious metals (gold, silver, etc..) or foreign currency, however, none of these methods is safe, since its value is subject to supply and demand and there Create no guarantee that all suddenly discovered large reserves of metal ores or an application to increase its demand. The same happens with the money. Since money is not currently supported by an asset called Monetary Fund. doctrine interviewed relations records of gold and the law of supply and demand, the value of money. Actually, money is the result of a social contract where everyone for their goods or services in exchange for other currency symbols (notes, coins, etc.) agrees to deliver. Therefore, the support Money is the sum of goods and services, population, namely must GDP or PIB.Le government to stop the progression of the money supply is not correlated with GDP, to maintain its value. However, elect the government to get more tickets, inflation and lead to the devaluation of its currency would print as a means of financement.Nous thank you for supporting the Creative Commons movement

I am 49 year old Indian and trade forex for a living. I am based in Dubai. How can I migrate to Malaysia?

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 06:44 AM PST

question : I am 49 year old Indian and trade forex for a living. I am based in Dubai. How can I migrate to Malaysia?
I am 49 year old Indian and trade forex for a living. In Category I are to migrate to Malaysia. I have a son and a daughter who are in college in Dubai. My wife is a housewife. We all would like to migrate to Malaysia. Can anyone answer we aviser.Meilleure:
Reply by Javed Iqbal

U can
in Malaysia under Malaysia second home migrate program and give you a permanent residence for a period of 10 ans.pour more info you can contact me at with

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Forex Trading Robots – Forex robots really big profits?

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 06:31 AM PST Forex robots are big business but very few work and this video discusses the myths that Forex robot and Forex expert advisor vendors promote. The video also looks at the reality of how much money you with the best forex trading systems, how to find them, and finally, how to make you long-term benefits and make it a successful forex trader from home.
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Fbomb Trading Inc / Generic Surplus | FX Fashion Exchange Vancouver

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 02:40 AM PST

Check out these pictures fx trading


fbomb Trading Inc / Generic Surplus | FX Fashion Exchange Vancouver
fx trading

Photo by Rick Chung | VIA / Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr / message This image is licensed under Creative Commons 2.5 (Attribution Non-commercial No Derivative Works) license. If you. These credit image and a link to the original article as it appears

fbomb Trading Inc / Coloud Headphones | FX Fashion Exchange Vancouver
fx trading

Photo by Rick Chung | VIA / Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr / message This image is licensed under Creative Commons 2.5 (Attribution Non-commercial No Derivative Works) license. If you. These credit image and a link to the original article as it appears

what is the best forex trading strategy?

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 02:34 AM PST

The question Butterfly : what is the best forex trading strategy
I want to know a proven strategy for forex trading (swing or long term), and if you enjoy shopping from a professionnel.merciMeilleure Answer:

of Jordan Wathen Forex
I recommend you to see the commercial with the movement of the cross moyenne.Les moving averages are easy to read and because forex is very high volume, are the card stable. Search through moving averages, and it will pay off!

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View Sar e Aam 16th February 2013 completely (Forex Trading Fraud in Haripur) ARYnews

Posted: 06 Mar 2013 02:14 AM PST

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MT4b3 01

Posted: 05 Mar 2013 10:41 PM PST

Some cool pictures mt4


MT4b3 01

Image Tominaga takako
ログイン 直後 の 画面

MT4b3 04

Image Tominaga takako
標準 で インストール さ れる フプラグイン の 一覧

scripty spam

Image Andrew Huff
Do they really think we are passing left a print command Javascript?

Which gives a value of one currency in FX Broker?

Posted: 05 Mar 2013 10:22 PM PST

arthur334 question , which has a value of one currency in FX Broker
Such people are the basic awarded as the best brokers, but shows the price to dealers. If the banks can then communicate with each other to determine the price? Mercide ensure that all operators (including banks) along with a computer or connected to something, and then the computer calculates the price and you get a new tick by it as the computer calculates the cost per transaction, and using this information, there are a price, if so, where is the server or computer àMeilleure Answer:

banks, and they do communicate.

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FREE GIFT: INDICATOR Forex scalping 40 pips DAILY

Posted: 05 Mar 2013 10:20 PM PST FREE DOWNLOAD metatrader4 scalping trading software. How Forex Trading Like A Pro. Scalping Forex Strategy Scalping is a trading strategy currency for a short time, like a used to 5 minute charts, with quick buy / sell transactions that extract 2-15 pips for the session. These quick transactions are often executed with larger lot sizes so that smaller amounts of pips scalped still lead to higher profit margins. Caution 1 The term scalping may conjure up images of someone removing hair from the enemy as a trophy or the guy. Outside a sold-out tickets to sell for an inflated profit Forex scalping is almost as scary, but it’s certainly a huge adrenaline rush – and possibly fast profits. Forex scalpers need to increase their value for every dollar pip extract similar benefits other conservative operations in which the cost per pip was lower, and the risk is lower. In other words, the risk to reward ratio is potentially heavier than its risks. However, traders who primarily speculators with this statement do not agree. Scalpers user tight stop-loss limits as a strategy to losses if the trade to minimize negative. Tight stops means little for a market that is moving in a downward motion, to play up to a goal. Scalpers can on many trades in the way they hoped, will save losses stopped. 2 Select the time. Forex scalpers tend to use business graphics

Nice photos Trading Platform

Posted: 05 Mar 2013 07:00 PM PST

Some cool pictures

trading platform:


trading platform

Image mdurwin2

trading platform

Image U.S. Pacific Fleet
Trooper David Delaney (Newcastle, NSW) checks on the communication platform gun strikes in ASLAV Predator.Mi Caption: units of the brigade led the first Darwin-based exercise Predator strike of 28 June 10 July 2011 at Shoalwater Bay in central Queensland to prove the fighting skills of the battle group in the lead up to Talisman Sabre 2011.Grève Predator combines First Brigade units into a potent battle group, the first Armoured Regiment M1A1 Abrams tanks contain exercise, 2nd Cavalry Regiment Australian Light Armoured Vehicles (ASLAVs), fifth and seventh battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment mechanized infantry in armored combat vehicles M113AS4 before observers from 8th/12th Regiment and elements of the first regiment of mounted pioneers, 1st Combat Signal Regiment and first Combat Service Battalion soutien.1ère brigade has a remarkable history, the five winners of the Victoria Cross, battle honors from Gallipoli and the Western Front comprises, Vietnam, Iraq, East Timor and Afghanistan, and its soldiers ready and willing , a series of threats and regional events on behalf of the government in Darwin australien.Basée Robertson Barracks, 1st To answer Brigade Given the Australian Army Armoured Brigade. More than 3,400 members of the civilian and military personnel support first brigade barracks Robertson. (The 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment – including support elements from other units of the First Brigade -. Based in RAAF Edinburgh, outside Adelaide, South Australia) developed exercise Talisman Sabre (11-29 July 2011) is a major bilateral exercise to improve Australian and U.S. forces in planning and execution of joint operations Australia-US combat readiness and interoperability exercise. Photograph by Andrew LSIS Dakin1st Joint Unit Public Affairs

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