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1CMS Forex

1CMS Forex

Q & A: How can I get started in Forex? To refer all good things? How to start Money?

Posted: 24 Mar 2013 11:34 AM PDT

Dhanushika question : How can I get started in Forex? To refer all good things? How to start the money?
I want to get into the FOREX trading. Please explain how to get into the scene and I refer to some good sites. On top of that, how much money do I need to first start Merci.Meilleure Answer:

by Stead
I recommend you start with a dummy account before you. With real money Forex trading is very difficult, there’s no such thing as easy money. It takes a lot of time and effort. Forex is particularly difficult because of speculative activity Sun

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Much Better Than Forex Trading – Platform revolutionary Binary Options Trading

Posted: 24 Mar 2013 11:20 AM PDT

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Beautiful photos Mt4

Posted: 24 Mar 2013 07:16 AM PDT

Some cool pictures mt4




Image Aida Jones


Image Aida Jones

What are the best websites for online forex trading?

Posted: 24 Mar 2013 07:16 AM PDT

Omair question : What are the best websites for online forex trading
I know quiet a lot of sites online forex trading. But I do not know if they are true or work for you. As, bullishtrade .. Do they really work? .. Is it fake or lead me in the actual work .. ! Thanks Best Answer:
Answer by Common Sense

There are no good locations for forex trading .. only pages not as bad as others. You have to avoid typical sites. I will not help you to lose money. Forex support you have 5-10 years of successful trading shares. Remember when you trade forex with the smartest people on the planet, traded the tools that have cost millions. Why do you think you have a chance against the big banks and brokers?

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The Best Forex Broker Broker After reviews

Posted: 24 Mar 2013 07:13 AM PDT

– Read our Forex Brokers Reviews and the right choice, if you open a forex account. We are 100% Ind. ..
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Nice photos online trading

Posted: 24 Mar 2013 03:29 AM PDT

Check out these pictures

online trading

history “yellow pages going online
Online trading

picture of brizzle href = “″>
Historical Directories is a digital library of local and trade directories for England and Wales from 1750 to 1919. It contains high-quality reproductions of comparatively rare books, essential tools for research into local history and historical généalogie.Annuaires is produced and owned by the University of Leicester. Historic site directories / hd / index.asp First Bristol Directory, published in 1775, the work of James Sketchley, a broker, rue Petit and Commissioner priseur.Concentrant mainly on names and addresses of dealers and traders, it is a little sparse, with few residences first book very useful for future privées.Le along Wright was at the time victorienne.Les volume contains a lot of publicity.

NSPC 2010 Online Writing Contest_07
Online trading

image thepocnews
Copies of the Philippine Online Chronicles (POC) primer on new media, students and their advisors in the writing competition Online Tagum National Trade School, Tagum, Davao del Norte were on 23 Distributed after February 2010.Photo: Amirson Baybin

how to build forex trading website and system?

Posted: 24 Mar 2013 03:27 AM PDT

Batbayar question : How to build forex trading website and system
Hello, I was wondering if I can, to build forex trading system or website on which the best management and technical support, and the work is successful sides. And in the other direction, you have no experience with this topic please share it with me honnêtementmerciMeilleure Answer:

Up to spell and make you learn a set correctly, you will never create something succès.Il Just do a search on “stock trading” and you will see that there are hundreds, if not thousands of websites, as you suggest. many of them are professionals in the market, many of them are simple and the blogs’ opinion.Vous must be wondering what the professional market is not, I could do, The key to your question is not building a website – this is the easy part. Childhood of your question is clear, if you raise the possibility of creating a successful exchange program as if it were simply a matter of getting a doctor or an engineer or a businessman. these disciplines are not reading through a book or learned from a seminar, but require a lifetime of dedication and years of study and pratique.Vous some beginners to deceive in listening, if you copy a few lines of ideas and a book on your website or a blog, but you can not develop a following without expertise. Unless he goes big and attracts advertising and / or investors, it is not worth it, but a very sore head and mainenance nightmare. You will never be able to go anywhere w / o your laptop and make updates constantes.Vous obviously have not done any research or work abroad again, and to learn Without this initiative, without the commitment of endurance, even without the need to be You do not have to ask the first question wrong questions.La is not “how” but should you? What comes first, the knowledge or the website? Joseph Granville said three decades ago that the public can exchange work, but 90% of the population would not even lose money for granted anyway. I found this to be true after throwing hundreds of trading systems and indicators, because I can not replace it properly, or may not see every second or can not program or do not have the cojones press the button at the right time, so you have apparently no idea how difficult it is to buy a stock when the price is coming crashing down on your target. Although you were a trading surprising development that no one ever, no gain of money, and maybe not even you who is papier.Ni someone in this place, the shrouded in secrecy successful thought and securing their personal information that is not can be contacted. You are too immature to see or manage the whole picture, and never, until you dig in. the basic information, learn the terminology of the company, and ask direct questions, deliberate and specific matière on a little knowledge about the . Alors you professional bloggers or webmasters will go or be based trader and ask how they are doing. Bloggers are not here to Yahoo Answers, they are too busy with their blog.

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Money Management & Personal Finance: What determines the exchange rate?

Posted: 24 Mar 2013 03:18 AM PDT

src =

To determine the tax rate Check the exchange rates of various currencies, the local paper for exchange rates, and pay attention to the inflation rate. Avoid exc …

Looking Up

Posted: 24 Mar 2013 01:01 AM PDT

Some nice pictures

per fx that I have found:

Looking Up
fx pro

Image fs999
Pentax K-5 • 80 ISO • Sigma 8-16mm f :4.5-5 .6 DC HSMHandheld 3 photos HDR (-2, 0, +2 EV) in Photomatix 4.1.4Fx: TopazLabs B & W FxBasilique Sainte-Clotilde • • France Paris 7th

Road to Hell
fx pro

Image fs999
Pentax K-5 • 80 ISO • Soligor C / D Wide-Auto 20mm f: 2.8 TopazLabs B6W FxConduite near Mersch Luxembourg •

some time ago
fx pro

Image fs999
Pentax K-5 • 80 ISO • Sigma 8-16mm f :4.5-5 .6 DC HSMHandheld 3 photos HDR (-2, 0, +2 EV) in Photomatix 4.1.4Fx: Set TopazLabs 5 & B & W FxQuai Montebello • Paris • France

How many cores the average sales price Forex trader has to make?

Posted: 24 Mar 2013 12:59 AM PDT

question Todd J : How many cores the average selling price has to make forex trader
I try to act currencies me, were supplemented with 3-strategies especially on the technical analysis of fundamental analysis. I developed these strategies through homework, a lot of reading and a lot of research. I bought a system in the past and been burned. Now I have to do it themselves. Does anyone know the honest average range of pips professional retailers each month? I had the impression that they. 250-500 pips on average per month Not to say they do that every month, it is only the result, when an average. Today, after 2 months of operation, I have a little over 200 pips and I hope to maintain and improve that for the average 250-500 pips a broad months. Is that realistic? Ideal? What should my target monthly average to be a real trader succès.Meilleure Answer:
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