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1CMS Forex

1CMS Forex

133rd Choosing a Forex Broker: Regulation and Financial Stability

Posted: 15 Dec 2012 09:39 AM PST

– What forex traders need to consider, on the regulatory environment of the forex broker they trade with.
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Beautiful Photos Stock Trading

Posted: 15 Dec 2012 09:37 AM PST

Some nice pictures I’ve found stock trading:

purchase and sale
Stock trading

Sam Seiden lesson Online Trading Academy – buy and sell anything goes for negotiations


Ox and Bear Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Stock trading

Image Leeger Tobias

Where can I find a great free website that teaches stock trading and investment?

Posted: 15 Dec 2012 09:26 AM PST

ZedNeon question : Where can I find a great free site that stock trading and investment teaches
It could be anything from stock trading in futures and options or FX. Maybe day trading, online trading, etc. Please do not hesitate to register as many pages, as you may know – as long as they are free. ? In addition, suggestions for good books and / or advice Best Answer:

Visit this site: adamodar ~ /

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Forex News Video Recap (9/15): If Japan Yen Soars

Posted: 15 Dec 2012 01:35 AM PST

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The Japanese Ministry of Finance unilaterally in the currency markets, selling Yen intervenes. The results showed another sharp fluctuations in the USD / JPY, EUR / JPY, GBP, and. It was the first intervention in the currency markets for the Japanese authorities since 2004. U.S. stocks have opened lower due to some reports of low production costs have been met and to enhance positive risk appetite and buying of rising horticulturalists like the euro and. The sterling and currency growth Australian and Canadian dollars at the expense of the U.S. dollar News from CMS Forex Market Analyst Nick Nasad Provided
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makers Fed policy statement expressed concern about the low levels of inflation, leaving the door open for QE, but not accept any act now. The reflex was to sell the dollar in foreign exchange markets, and we saw the weakness of the dollar then. News from CMS Forex Market Analyst Nick Nasad Provided

What is the tax rate for a forex market?

Posted: 15 Dec 2012 01:28 AM PST

jaccchen23 question : What is the tax rate for a forex market
What is the tax rate for a forex market? A year ago I invested thousands of dollars in a few forex market. I do not lose more than winning. Overall, I have around $ 7000.00 (my loss is greater than this value). My question is: What is the tax rate for this gain is for this type of situation. My regular income is less than $ 20.0000 Best Answer:
Answer by vb

records show that you under IRC 1256 (capital gains tax rules) should be taxed instead of IRC 988 hold (ordinary interest income)? If so, then when you receive your 1099 at the end of the year, you get a 60/40 division of the activities on your schedule D. 40% in the long term than short-term, 60%. Long-term gains would be to get a better rate than short-term gains. (If you do not, for some reason, the 1099, you must still report the income.)

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Posted: 14 Dec 2012 05:54 PM PST

Forex Scalping EA

, can not lose. I already have more than 0000 on a REAL account. It works best with ECN brokers. You can buy and make money, or we can do for you money management. No upfront fees. You can also join our group and make 0/sale. Visit our website for more details
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Nice photos Trading Platform

Posted: 14 Dec 2012 05:51 PM PST

Some cool pictures

trading platform:

share a rare thing to place things
trading platform

Image Terry Dean
Nick & Vera (pretend) to test the functionality Place Things top secret is to send a Geolocation object from one person to another by a gesture. It is a remnant of the video is a platform démonstration.Placethings locative media and social mapping of students and teachers in MobileLab developed at UT Dallas.

protest march – organized by the trade unions
trading platform

Image infomatique
Congress has contacted all affiliated unions to her 21st on the Board’s decision, a national event for the Convened in February to inform said Dublin.Secrétaire General David Begg subsidiaries, which was decided after consultations with member unions, for resources and attention to a mass demonstration in Dublin, Saturday 21 February concentrate, as the first step in a rolling campaign of action. March will be donated to the Dublin Parnell Square at 02.00. Since this is the first stage of the campaign is expected to be followed by other measures in the country, according besoins.Le Congress a 10-point plan for national reconstruction published – There is a better way accurate – these are the most important elements the election platform. The plan includes 10 major initiatives to deal with the current crisis, including: protecting jobs and the fight against chômageLa banking crisis and the interest of publicCompétitivitéL’Accord paiementL’équité and fiscalitéRétablir confidence consommateursLa public sector pensions “Levy” The crisis in the sector pensions privéEmployment Rights National Recovery Bond plus information about the 21th February national demonstration will be posted here as they become available.

CES 2012 – Nokia step on the monorail platform
trading platform

Image pop culture Geek
Photo 2012 href = “” taken by Doug KlineSi you are interested in high resolution versions of my images, contact me via my profile page.

Where is the best place to learn FOREX?

Posted: 14 Dec 2012 05:30 PM PST

whitesquall question : Where is the best place to learn FOREX
I want to start trading forex online. I own regular stock, but never tried with Forex. Which online business is best for beginners? I am a fast learner, so even if you say it’s for “intermediate” traders, I would answer OK.Meilleure:
Answer by Fred

just because you think you are a “quick learner” does not mean to make money by betting on the direction of currencies. The people in this market (professionals) are usually try in connection with commercial transactions not to make money. Stick with stocks!

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