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1CMS Forex

1CMS Forex

Currency Chart Market Cycles

Posted: 13 Sep 2012 08:51 AM PDT

Currency chart market cycles help you pinpoint your exact entries so you don’t get faked out in forex and stock market trends.
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QUESTIONS: INFORMATION and FREE LIVE SESSIONS: The state-of-the-art TradingFX forex charting software is based on displaying pure price movement and not the standard time-frame based charting formula. TradingFX Range Bar Charts and Point & Figure Charts give you the ability to track currency pairs in specific price ranges to create a consistent chart view, which improves the performance of technical studies and tools, plus reduces the lag from all indicators and oscillators. TradingFX Charts allow for a more precise charting strategy by eliminating the noise and enabling more accurate indications for entering and exiting trades. We have also designed a variety of specific and simple to follow trading and trade management strategies, which along with our charts will take your trading to the next level. The TradingFX Range Bar and Point & Figure Charts, Currency Strength Index, TFXD Oscillator, Modified US Dollar Index, Online Trade Room, Active Trading Sessions, Live Trade Calls, International Interbank Trade Execution System and Daily Training Classes will in fact make a difference to your bottom line. Please review our site for additional details and information. We challenge you to find a better and more complete total trading package than TradingFX. To prove there really is a difference, we offer a Free Trial and cordially invite you to join us.
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Is there a trading platform for trading precious metals?

Posted: 13 Sep 2012 07:55 AM PDT

Question by bor3d: Is there a trading platform for trading precious metals?
I was just wondering if there is a platform for trading precious metals? Something similar to a FOREX platform.

Best answer:

Answer by Joel
Depends in part on what you mean when you say trading precious metals. If you are referring to buying futures contracts, yes, most brokers allow you to buy precious metals – however, these contracts are usually cash settled for convenience, so you don’t receive possession of metal when they expire.

If you wish to take physical delivery, you need to trade something like the NYSE Liffe precious metal contracts – just be forewarned that even the mini contracts are still rather sizeable – for example gold is a 33 oz bar, so will set you back over $ 34,000 today. Most brokers will still try to cash settle, then next to deliver a certificate, and have to be instructed to give you physical delivery, which they don’t really want to do.

You will be able to get ‘wholesale’ price in effect, as the futures contract allows you to cut out the middlemen like bullion dealers, etc..

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Forex Autopilot – Why People lose $1000′s scam

Posted: 13 Sep 2012 04:46 AM PDT to see how I make 00 – 000 per week trading currency scam forex currency trading forex capital free forex forex pip forex quote major foreign exchange markets forex market hours forex economic calendar forex directory real time forex forex trade free… As the name suggests, FOREX Autopilot is a software application that does FOREX trading in an automated manner. The program has automated trading bots in a software format, which you install on your computer. You have to do nothing more than this installation but to keep your PC on. You will find that these trading bots will handle all the FOREX transactions for you all through the night and in the morning, you see that you have a swollen account! Naturally, there is much criticism whether such a thing really works but FOREX Autopilot is genuine software released by Marcus Leary, a FOREX expert who also has innate Internet marketing knowledge. Benefits of Forex Autopilot 1. The best thing about FOREX Autopilot is that the user does not have to do anything but to install the automatic trading bots and keep the system on. The bots will automatically handle all the transactions and make a neat profit for the user. 2. You will need to open a FOREX trading account with the broker. However, that is a very simple thing to do. FOREX Autopilot will use this trading account to make all its transactions.The people who participate in the surveys almost always get to keep the product that they survey. 3. This is probably the best Internet business in the work-at-home genre. The amount of money that can be done by such automated FOREX trading can be immense. 4. Even a nontechnical person or even a person who does not have much knowledge about
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help .where to find a low margin forex trading brokers?

Posted: 13 Sep 2012 03:46 AM PDT

Question by Giff T: help .where to find a low margin forex trading brokers?
help .
1. where to find a low margin forex trading brokers, mini trade size 1000 not 10000. ???

2.deposit money can use moneybookers ???

Best answer:

Answer by paulofhouston
I don’t think you realy want a low margin broker since that would only increase your leaverage (unless you are super good at tradeing,first practice at and the greater the leverage the quicker the margin calls.

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Nice photos share prices

Posted: 13 Sep 2012 03:46 AM PDT

Some nice pictures of currency exchange, that I have found:

hot leather trading post where you can exchange your U.S. currency for leather
trading currency

Image bradleygee

Dukascopy: ECN-Forex trading via MT4 ECN Bridge

Posted: 13 Sep 2012 12:46 AM PDT Swiss forex broker Dukscopy – one of the best forex brokers worldwide provides now MT4 trading via MT4 ECN Bridge. Trade with your MT4 in a fast ECN environment, MT5 Bridge is in planning. MT4-JForex Clients Bridge – is a simple plug-in for the Dukascopy Bank JForex platform. It transfers the trading signals from the Metatrader platform to JForex, receives notifications from MetaTrader log file and executes the transferred trading signals.
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Q&A: Currency Trading?

Posted: 12 Sep 2012 11:57 PM PDT

Question by ruffrider: Currency Trading?
I currently trade on the stock market but I am interested in currency trading. I would like to know if it is similar to trading stock in which you trade using an online broker and if so what brokers are the best to use with the lowest commission fees?

Best answer:

Answer by VP

Currency trading is similar to stock trading and all technical and fundamental analysis is approcimately the same. You just have to know that curreny pairs always go up and down.

Usually forex brokers don’t charge comission fees. They gain from spread. You should find brokerage company with smallest spread.

I could introduce you to one brokerage company in Austria that allows to trade from same account currency (forex), commodities, metals and cfd on shares; total 500 instruments available. Currency spread from 1 pip. If you open trading account under my referral I provide you for free with trading techniques that I successfully use for several years. If you are interesting please pm or e-mail me (press my name) and I provide you with further details. Please note I’m not related with the company but I have rights of Introducing Broker

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How to open ECN forex Broker? Any idea?

Posted: 12 Sep 2012 07:51 PM PDT

Question by khafx: How to open ECN forex Broker? Any idea?
Hey every one , i want to know what is the procedures to open Forex ECN Broker , we are an IB for many Brokers and now we want to open Broker .

Does anyone has any idea?


Best answer:

Answer by Dmemme
If you want to create your very own broker I would suggest you get in contact with the government agency that regulates Forex in your country if there even is one and ask them. In the U.S. contact the NFA and they will tell you. I can tell you right now that it will not be easy though. Good luck.

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PopTech 2009 attendees, day 3 – 38

Posted: 12 Sep 2012 07:51 PM PDT

Check out these forex exchange images:

PopTech 2009 attendees, day 3 – 38
forex exchange

Image by Ed Yourdon
Note: with rare exceptions, I don’t know the names of any of the individuals photographed in this set. If you know of them, please feel free to add a "tag" on the Flickr page; or if you know anyone who attended Pop!Tech this year, please tell them where they can find the Flickr set, so they can see whether they’re included among all the photos…

Note: this photo was published in a Nov 22, 2010 Forex Currency Trading Exchange blog titled "What is the best way to invest money- 100k$ , long terms from 5-7 years?" It was also published in a Jan 16, 2011 Finance News blog, with the same title as the caption that I used on this Flickr page. And it was published in an undated (early Apr 2011) blog titled "Forex Trading Secret System." It was also published in a Nov 1, 2011 Schöne Secret Blog Photos blog, with the same caption and detailed notes that I had written here.


For approximately the sixth time since 2001, I attended the annual Pop!Tech conference in Camden, Maine; it’s always held in October, and this year, it took place on Oct 22-24. People often ask me what Pop!Tech is all about, and the simple answer is that it deals with the interaction between technology and society — most often in the form of lectures and presentations about the innovative ways that people around the world are using today’s technology to make a positive impact on a wide range of social problems. But rather than depending on my summary of what it’s all about, I recommend that you visit the Pop!Tech web site for more information.

Unlike previous years, I photographed almost every Powerpoint slide presented by each of the speakers throughout the conference. Combined with the photos that I took of conference attendees, that resulted in some 600 images on the first day — which I whittled down to 450 on this Flickr set, but that’s an overwhelming collection for anyone to look at.

For the second and third day of the conference, I decided to separate the photos of attendees from the straightforward photos of speakers and their Powerpoint slides; the speaker/presentation slides from the second and third day of the conference will appear in separate Flickr sets. This set contains about 50 images of attendees from the final day of the conference, and it will give you a good sense of the kind of people who invest their time and money to trek all the way to Camden, Maine to sit on uncomfortable seats for three days indulging in a sensory overload of materials from dozens of impassioned speakers. The attendees are from all over the U.S., and from several other countries too; they include both young and old; men and women; students and professors; academics and practitioners.

Aside from the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to social change (with or without technology), the other thing that is obviously shared among all of these attendees is the gadgetry they use to stay in touch with the world. You’ll see a predominance of Mac laptops in these photos; and you’ll also see a lot of iPhones and other "smart phones." Keep in mind that people were not chatting on their phones during these presentations; instead, they were using their smart-phones to email, Twitter, chat, and browse the Web.

A couple of technical notes: I used a Nikon D700 for all of these photos, mostly with a 70-300mm zoom lens. I sat in the balcony section of the Camden Opera House, where the conference took place, so I was primarily photographing other people in the balcony section. An equally large number of attendees were seated on the main floor of the building, but I didn’t see much point in photographing the tops of their heads. Because I could increase the ISO setting on the camera all the way up to 6400, I was able to get reasonably good images without a flash. The lights were turned on while I was photographing, but it was fairly dim in some areas; I did my best to compensate with an appropriate "white balance" setting on the camera.

Passport and Euros
forex exchange

Image by Images_of_Money
A British passport with a 50/20/10 Euro note inside it. This photo would make be great for an article about going abroad or holidays in Europe.

The Truth About Forex Trading: The Dealing Desk

Posted: 12 Sep 2012 04:53 PM PDT

Learn More About the Conflict of Interest Between Dealing Desks and Traders: LEARN THE FACTS AND EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE PRICING Meet Ed. Ed is a dealer at a typical Dealing Desk. Here is how trading with a dealing desk works. Generally, Dealing Desks typically have relationships with multiple banks and market makers, much like FXCM does. However, unlike FXCM’s automated straight-through forex processing system, Ed merely watches the bank prices. Ed decides what price his clients will see. Depending on Ed’s needs and the market conditions, he can create his own indicative price to display to the trader. EXECUTION Steve wants to buy Euros and his order is sent to the Dealing Desk. There, Ed decides what to do with it. Ed’s job is to make money, and he often does so by buying Euros from a bank at a cheaper price than he sells Euros to Steve. Oftentimes, this system of wheeling and dealing works for both Ed and Steve — but not all the time. RE-QUOTES Now, Steve wants to sell Euros. If the market is moving quickly, Ed might not be able to find a profitable match for Steve’s sell order before the bank prices move. Since Ed’s job is to make money, he is not going to take Steve’s trade at a loss. So, Ed issues a re-quote — rejecting the original order and giving Steve a new, worse price that he can either accept or reject. In fast markets, this can happen multiple times and Steve can be re-quoted again and again again. This can ruin Steve’s exit, costing him
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Explore FXCM’s Strategy Trader Platform for Forex Trading. Strategy Trader Walk-through Welcome to FXCMs Strategy Trader video tour. Strategy Trader is an exciting platform offering, designed specifically for clients who automate their trading. The platform is a turnkey solution allowing you to code strategies, run back-tests, optimize strategy inputs, and trade, all from one place. Strategy Trader can be used with any non-hedging Standard or Micro account. And Strategy Trader can be used in tandem with FXCM’s Trading Station II platform, allowing you to combine the Trading Station’s powerful manual trading functionality with Strategy Trader’s robust automation capabilities. You can do all of this from one account, at no extra cost. Let’s now take a look at the features available within Strategy Trader. From the dealing rates window you can see live streaming rates, provided to FXCM from over 10 global banks and financial institutions. You can also see current spreads, the high and low of the trading day, financing charges or daily rollover rates, pip costs, and minimum margin requirements. In addition to showing useful trading information, you can drag and drop an instrument from the dealing rates window to quickly change the instrument displayed on a chart. The charting functionality in Strategy Trader is at a professional level. For example, you have access to fully customizable time frames. If you want a 24-tick chart simply select the chart, type 24ticks

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